Their input on global events and campaigns has always been full of pro-activity, inventive ideas and a high degree of qualitative support. This has led to a great and professional branding and even converted leads into sales.
Jean Luc Devisscher

About us

Mission to Mars is a full service marketing agency, specialised into business-to-business solutions and retail (professional and consumer market). We have an impressive track record in 4 pillars:

  • Corporate communication
  • Content
  • ESG/CSR – Financial – HR
  • Education

With 20 years of experience, we can call ourselves real communication specialists. We offer our
customers ‘peace of mind’ guaranteeing a professional approach and great results. We strive to make them shine in their industry.


Customers value us for our creativity, our ‘can do’ mentality, our agility and our accessibility. We dive into your business with passion and apply our knowledge to build creative solutions and execute them with precision.

We never compromise on quality!


Being part of a network of agencies, we can leverage the experience of almost 100 communication experts, from corporate communication specialists, creative dreamers to digital and social media wizzkids and content crunchers: the right man on the right place in a lean and mean set up.


It’s no coincidence that we have some similarities:
Intrigued by the big dream of human mankind to reach Mars, we have our own 'Big Dream' and
mission to create successes with our customers and partners and have a wonderful future.
Mars has no rings and seems to be a simple planet. No fringes. That’s exactly how we are: What
you see is what you get. We are used to working in a very open and honest way.
Small is beautiful. Mars is half the size of mother Earth. Our agency is lean and mean. We don't have the ambition to be the biggest, but with the help of our colleagues in our network, we come
pretty close ;-)
The red planet. We love the color! It symbolises our passion to make your business fly off.

It’s not about the destination, it’s about the journey.

You might know we aren’t scientists, but we are well aware that there are quite some obstacles to get to the red planet (and back). Being there is an ultimate goal and the result of creativity, team work, meet some new people and lots of good coffees … so to be honnest, we prefer the mission to the destination.