A Mission to Mars requires two skills:

one that reaches higher levels whereas the

other one stays with its feet on the ground.


We invite you to discover both parts



Your Corporate Identity requires a strategic vision of who you are, what you offer and what your customers, prospects and stakeholders expect from your organisation. Next step is to leverage this through Corporate Communication into a coherent, sparkling and inspiring set of communication tools. It goes without saying that this affects online, social and offline tools as well as other formats such as your interior and internal comms.

Being part of a network of agencies, we can leverage the experience of almost 100 communication experts, from corporate communication specialists, creative dreamers to digital and social media wizzkids and content crunchers: the right man on the right place in a lean and mean set up.

The Sniffers
Corporate identity and communications
Corporate identity

What is our approach to creating a corporate identity for a distinctive high-tech b2b player? We invest in understanding their business, its positioning and added value but we also respect their organisation and processes and last but not least, always trying to overachieve.

Corporate identity

What is our approach to creating a corporate identity for a distinctive high-tech b2b player? We invest in understanding their business, its positioning and added value but we also respect their organisation and processes and last but not least, always trying to overachieve.

Website and digital presentations

Creating and supporting the setup of digital templates for website, presentations, …

Ackermans & van Haaren
Financial communication is built on confidence and accuracy
Financial report

The creation of a financial report requires the collaboration of a multidisciplinary team. Financial experts work together with communication specialists and designers. Accuracy and an intensive smooth collaboration process are the key to success.

Financial communication

From 'Corporate Governance charter', ‘Financial highlights’, advertisements to the communication support of their General meetings.

From social media to customer reviews, it’s clear that you’re not the only one in the communication driving seat, that’s both a challenge and an opportunity.
Creativity in the B2B
Corporate creative concept

A new creative concept for TranzCom (specialized in energy distribution and telecommunication and part of the Vinci group) which is easy to integrate in all types of communication: digital, print, interior, displays … 

Website and digital presentations

Creation and support in the setup of digital templates for website, presentations, …

It’s not only about figures
Integrated communication

From some of our customers we only need half a word. Although marketing is not B&R’s top priority (what would you expect from fiscal and accounting specialists?), we discreetly contributed to them becoming one of the leading accounting firms in Antwerp

From website to newsletter

Key to their communication approach is to deliver relevant information with added value both online as in their printed newsletters.  

More than meets the eye
Weaving performance into fabrics

Helioscreen is manufacturer of top quality fiberglass screen fabrics and trendsetter when it comes to innovative, functional sun protection fabric for professional, commercial and residential environments.

Product catalogue

A custom-made case containing real fabric samples and a printed catalogue full of technical details (driven by database publishing).


What was our challenge with Helioscreen, international manufacturers of fiberglass screen fabrics? To present an extensive product range, a lot of technical and complex data on an attractive and easy to use website. And let’s not forget the link with their ERP back-end system.

De Kemphaan
Creative concept & website
The power of a sheltered workshop

We were engaged by this professional organization with extensive machinery and motivated employees to emphasize their strong position and offering.

Online copywriting

Content creation for website takes a lot more than just writing down texts. It requires structures, the right wordings, titles, texts, images and much more. Don't be mistaken, this is not only for SEO purposes, first of all it has to fit with an organisation and its stakeholders, the good SEO results will pop up automatically (page 1 in Google). 

Creative ideas

New creative ideas to highlight craftsmanship, flexibility and quality in a sheltered workshop are applied to a website with SEO (page 1 ranking).

All Day Long – more fruit en vegetables
Campaign fruit & vegetables

How to launch a national campaign for consumers without making use of typical media?

Campaign fruit & vegetables

We set up a partnership with national retailers and distributors to spread the word. Thanks to an appealing concept and a generic positive message, shoppers are persuaded in the heat of the shopping moment.

Communication support in a B2C and B2B2C approach
Communication strategy

Offering Access Automation solutions is very complex, certainly when you take into account the different demands in each vertical (Home, Industry, Urban).


Sometimes you have to move mountains to get a job done, but in the end there is a relief (and we became a bit specialists in access automation solutions).

Communication partner from strategy to operational output
Interior Communication

With customer and prospects visits, training sessions but also employees in the R&D and production areas the ADB SAFEGATE HQ can be a very vibrant environment. We took the challenge to create an attractive, compelling working environment which radiates the corporate identity.

Product launch Safedock X

When ADB SAFEGATE launched a ‘Ground breaking product’ in docking guidance systems for aircrafts they asked us to develop a communication plan. Time for us to step in the cockpit ourselves (for once also literally). (Thanks to Eric Shambroom Photography)

Training registration platform and Sales app

When existing solutions don’t meet the demands, it’s up to our team to find a solution: through analysing, a user interface, programming, testing, … until it works. For ADB SAFEGATE we developed a new training registration platform and an app to centralize and discover new sales opportunities.

100 years ADB SAFEGATE

Founded during the interbellum ADB has built up a rich history and an impressive track record. We established a pragmatic and ambitious plan to shine a spotlight on their centenary, through social media, video and communications in all their offices worldwide.

Business gifts

The retention of customers is easier than attracting new ones, the golden rule in sales. That’s why we created several attractive business gifts for ADB SAFEGATE as a surprise for customers and partners.

JAVA Foodservice
Marketing for sales

JAVA Foodservice has a well equipped internal communication team. To complete their competences, we have set up a dedicated team for them, providing communication, graphical and copywriting skills.

Serviceplus magazine

Content with a focus, creating 'stories to taste' even b2b readers with little time cannot ignore.

Serviceplus magazine

Content with a focus, creating 'stories to taste' even b2b readers with little time cannot ignore.

Promoplus - promotional magazine

For many years now JAVA Foodservice has appointed us as their communication partner in crime for their promotional magazine, which is produced thanks to our database in publishing and skilled graphic work.

Digital partner, from web development to content creation
Communication and knowledge transfer

As a professional body, members and the general public expect clear communication and knowledge transfer. We support them in various areas: from web development (including link with backend systems) to the delivery of a platform, including content creation, for specialized medical topics such as diabetic foot care.


Creating a website is always a challenge, integrating it with a back-end CRM platform is fun … might sound strange, but we love it when technology serves business objectives.

diabetesvoeten.be - pieddiabetique.be

Sometimes being a (medical) specialist makes it more difficult to communicate about your own specialism. That’s where we come in: analyzing, writing, rewriting, and structuring content to make it comprehensible and Google friendly (result: page 1, position 3).

From nature to you
Corporate concept

It’s like a trigger when we’re asked to develop a creative concept for a B2B manufacturer, and we love it when they come up with extremely tasty ingredients and recipes …

Corporate video

The result of storyboards, meetings, planning, preparation, tests and quite some coffee ... : an appealing video with real situations that show the quality and passion Bakbel is well-known for.  

Creative photoshooting

How to go beyond photography? Look for a creative person, not a photographer. Together we found a technique to visualize their claim of quality in this delicious confectionary, particularly for insiders.

Social media and dealer communication
Always the best climate

A good example of a typical customer: an international organization with high-quality products and a partly direct and indirect market approach. In addition, it requires some technical knowledge on our side to understand their offering. Not so obvious for marketeers, but all the more interesting.

Social media

Add some creativity and social buzz to these best-in-class products made in Switzerland.

Dealer communication

Keeping your channels informed may sound obvious, but it’s a real challenge when it comes down to presenting all product details accurately, easy to use and attractively.

The Belgian
On line presence
Only for chocolate lovers

“The Belgian” brand reflects the traditional chocolate making expertise from Belgium and has built a strong reputation amongst chocolate lovers throughout the world. 


For this international ambassador of Belgian chocolate, we did more than focus on product quality in some attractive and mouth-watering pictures. On their website we also paid much attention (UI and technically) to detailed nutritional information for their professional partners.

JAVA Coffee
Product packaging design
The JAVA Coffee Company

Creativity is in the air and it smells like JAVA Coffee. 

Product packaging design

The number of lovers of quality coffee continues to grow and this entry level machine JAVA Coffee offers a perfect solution for every occasion (in attractive packaging)

Dealer communication
Dealer retention and recruitment

As a knowledge center, the mission of Informazout is to support and set up a dealer network that is crucial to survival in a highly competitive energy market.

Amplify your social media presence through ambassadors
Social media support

Every day we are challenged to be more creative and distinct on social media. However, it’s not only creativity that has an effect, you need a network that shares your news. That’s exactly what we achieved with Share the Content, a platform to inspire ambassadors (in this case Selexion dealers) with messages they could conveniently post on their social media.